Borofloat 33 Broadband Dielectric Mirrors

Broadband Dielectric Mirrors

Borofloat 33 glass broadband mirrors offer durable all dielectric coatings designed for popular applications such as spectroscopy, microscopy, and general laboratory applications.


Broadband Dielectric Mirror, 12.7 mm Diameter, 700-950 nm


Broadband Dielectric Mirror, 12.7 mm Diameter, 700-950 nm, Pack of 10


Broadband Dielectric Mirror, 12.7 mm, 488-694 nm


Broadband Dielectric Mirror, 12.7 mm, 488-694 nm, Pack of 10


Broadband Dielectric Mirror, 19.05 mm, 488-694 nm

  • General purpose round laboratory mirror
  • Borofloat® glass substrates
  • Rave>99% over 488-694 nm or 700-950 nm
  • Durable dielectric coatings
  • Ideal for spectroscopy, microscopy and general lab use


Visible Broadband Dielectric Coating

Our BD.1 visible broadband dielectric coating reflects all visible laser lines in the range of 488 to 694 nm with greater than 99% efficiency for s-polarization and 98% for p-polarization at 0 - 45° angle of incidence. High reflectivity is also extended to greater than 98% at 441.6 nm.






NIR Broadband Dielectric Coating

Our BD.2 coating offers high reflectance for near infrared diode laser applications. Reflectivity is greater than 99% for s-polarization and 97% for p-polarization from 700 – 950 nm at 0 – 45° angle of incidence. Greater than 80% average reflectivity at 632.8 nm is also provided to permit easy alignment using a HeNe laser.


New Focus Broadband Dielectric Coatings

New Focus mirror substrates are offered with three broadband dielectric coatings making them suitable for a wide variety of applications.




Borofloat® 33 Substrates

BOROFLOAT® 33 is a high quality borosilicate glass that offers low thermal expansion, and high thermal shock resistance making it ideal for a wide-range of optical mirror applications.


Durable Dielectric Coatings

All dielectric coating construction is physically more durable than standard metallic coatings. Dielectric mirrors are more resistant to humidity, thermal changes, abrasion and salt exposure. They can also withstand repeated cleaning.


SAVE by purchasing a pack of 10!

A convenient pack of ten mirrors is also offered at a discount for customers outfitting new laboratories or new research applications.