Sentinel Laser Diode Reliability and Burn-In Test System

Laser Diode Test Systems

The Sentinel Series Laser Diode Reliability and Burn-In System leverages ILX Lightwave's industry leading laser diode control and protection technology to provide customers with a high performance system for reliability test, burn-in, and qualification testing.


Laser Diode Life Test and Burn In Test System, 0-2A


Laser Diode Life Test and Burn In Test System, 500mA-20A

  • Custom Designed to Your Needs
  • Utilizes Reliatest System Control
  • Individual Fixture Control
  • ACC, APC, and LIV test configuration modes
  • Voltage, Temperature and Monitor PD measurements
  • In situ optical power measurement


ReliaTest System Supervisory Software

The system includes the ReliaTest graphical user interface supervisory software. Multiple device types and test scenarios are easily configured without complicated programming. In addition, careful attention to data management and fault mode handling ensures data integrity even though power black outs.






Advanced Graphing Capabilities

ReliaTest software features real time graphing of important test parameters like voltage, current, temperature, optical power, monitor diode current, and tracking ratio.  You can compare mulitiple LIV curves, and export your test data in CSV format for addiotnal analysis.


Safe for the Laser and the Operator



  • Utilizes ILX laser diode protections; minimizes operational transients and reduces transients from power line burst and surge
  • Programmable ramp on rate to reduce thermal shock
  • Uniform and repeatable thermal control
  • Fault monitoring